11 November 2011

Lily Pond No. 2

Lily Pond No. 2 Oil. £99
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I cant resist painting this Lily pond, and why should I. At the moment it's surrounded by golden trees and of course the colour is in the pond too, well on a sunny day!. While I was painting I became aware of footsteps crunching on the ground behind me, on looking around I saw an angry looking man approach, he started remonstrating with me about I don't know what, I supposed because I was trespassing on his land, I quickly explained that I was a painter and would he mind me painting his beautiful pond. As he got nearer he could see exactly what I was doing and seemed to relax a little, he pointed to the easel and mentioned fish, he thought when he saw me from a distance I was poaching his fish and that the top of the easel looked like a fishing rod!  He smiled and shook my hand, patted me on the back and left, maybe one day I'll ask if I can fish in the pond too!


  1. that's a great story to go with your painting

    if Monet had a moped he'd do exactly the same

  2. Your colors are wonderful. This is a lovely painting.

  3. Great story!
    a lovely painting of the pond in fall. Would like to see the same pond in midst of winter too..?


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