28 November 2011

Lily Pond and Willow

Another image from the 'Lily Pond' near St Mathieu, I liked the way the Willow leaves were cascading down and onto the water which reflected the bright blue sky. Almost becoming abstract in its treatment and for me thats not a bad thing. I'm interested in producing a series of semi-abstract paintings of this pond, in fact I've bought the canvases just need the time now. But first things first; in to town now to buy some bread  and practice some French!

À Bientôt

Lily Pond and Willow. Oil. £99
Click here for purchase details ans website. Click image to see larger


  1. Nigel, I love these lily pond paintings! They are very abstract as the subject demands and the compliments of color in the various shades of reflected sky and foliage really sing....I think you must get a nod from Monet!..Looking forward to more!

  2. This subject would have laid me flat- so complex it would have driven me mad- but you have pulled it together so well.


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