2 January 2012

Evening in Honfleur

I have to apologise for my recent abscence, I've been making some improvements in my studio/workroom and was unable to get any serious work done, but I'm back! and I'd like to wish everyone who reads this a very happy 2012.

Today's painting:

A very cold, icy evening in Honfleur, the gorgeous Harbour town in the north of France, painted from my photo archive. It was actually two years ago I was there, on my way back to the UK after a Christmas in my house here in France, before I moved permanently.  

It was so cold here that day everyone was struggling to stay upright, but the sky became liquid and dramatic, too late though to make any difference to the icy conditions.

Evening in Honfleur. Oil. £99
Click here for purchase details and website. Click image to see larger. 

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  1. You describe the scene so beautifully. What a colorful spot, despite the cold.


Thank you for your comment.


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