18 January 2012

The Old Apple Tree

I'm experimenting with these loose watercolours, keeping a very limited palette and pushing myself to really 'let go' and allow the paint to meander and do it's own thing. Accepting what otherwise I might consider mistakes to remain and be a part of the finished painting. I like the results. Often the 'mistakes' form the most exciting passages of the work. This I already knew of course with watercolour but I often found myself correcting and controlling the application of paint to the extent that almost no random or unexpected effects happen. I guess it goes back to my training as an llustrator, I was always taught to draw something exactly as was and keep any frivolous techniques to a minimum.

This is a painting in an old farmyard nearby, the farmer came over to say hello and see what I was painting, he saw the painting after about half an hours work, all drips and smudges, I expect he wondered what on earth I was doing!

The Old Apple Tree, Watercolour, 9" x12" click image to see larger
£99 (convert To purchase please send me an email 


  1. Letting go is often the hardest part but with such great reward. Your watercolors have such mood which is not easily acheived. Gorgeous work!

  2. 'Teoksiasi' en lakkaa ihailemasta...!
    Ovat jotakin ainutlaatuisia väreiltään ja tunnelmaltaan.
    Hyvää jatkoa - Eko

  3. As always....oil or watercolor, I am impressed with your drawing skills, use of warm and cool colors and your ability to capture an intimate connection to a place and time.
    This is another beautiful painting.

  4. This work has everything I love most about watercolor! Loose,fresh, clean, color, managed with skill but not overworked. Have been enjoying all your watercolors Nigel!


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