15 January 2012

Two Barns in the Wood

These two old delapidated barns stand alone in a nearby wood. In France there isn't the same fascination with barn conversions as there is in the UK. Thank goodness, I often found it frustrating back in the UK to return to a seriously gorgeous crumbling barn with paints etc in hand, only to find it covered in scaffolding and on its way to becoming a hideous new barn/house

Two Barns in the Wood. Watercolour, 9"x12" £99
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  1. Happy New Year Nigel;
    I like your watercolours; the background with spattering, dripping, and fading is very interesting
    Cheers Jackie

  2. Kaunis ja 'täyteläinen' taide.
    Hienot värit ja mainio aihe-compositio...!
    Tervehtien 'talvesta' Eko


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