30 January 2012

Sparkling Relections

Back to oil paint for this painting it's the lily pond I've painted a few times before early in the morning just as the sun was rising through the trees. A beautiful thing to see, but I was gutted to find the person who owns the pond has cleared it of all plant life so the pond lillies I'd been going there to paint had vanished!  Do they grow back? do they have to be cleared every year? I doubt it, so my plans to go back there with large canvases in the Spring were dashed this morning...have to be a trip to Giverny I guess!

Sparkling Redlections. OIL 5.5 x 7.5 inches, click image to see larger
£99 (convert To purchase please send me an email 

A couple of previous lily pond paintings:


  1. This is absolutely stunning. I love the brightness and the details and reflections. Wow. As for the plant life, I hope it does come back. I know my folks have a small pond with water lilies and other aquatic plants and they clean it out occasionally and it all grows back nice and lush.

  2. I hope you're right Tina, it's a beautiful place. Have you painted their pond?

  3. I really enjoyed the pond series Nigel! Glad to see you back to it! This is a treat of a painting! Sorry to hear about the lily pads but fear not my friend, they will return with renewed vigor!
    I also enjoyed your watercolors! It's high time I returned to my first love and begin practicing for my upcoming WC workshop in the spring!
    Cheers and happy painting!


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