6 January 2012

Rochechouart Chateau in the Rain

This is the chateau in my nearby town Rochechouart a very imposing building which dominates the wide valley as I leave town on the way home. It dates from the fifteenth century and hosts a museum with a large collection of contemporary modern art. 
I enjoyed painting this and let the watercolour just do it's own thing, well almost, my watercolours are so much more exciting and interesting when they are loose and less defined, leaving the viewer the opportunity to be more engaged with the painting rather that seeing everything resolved and final

Rochechouart Chateau in the Rain. 
Watercolour., 9" x 12". £99
Click here to see purchase details and website. Click image to see larger


  1. Työtäsi katselee ihastellen.
    Taitavaa näkemystä - korkeatasoista toteutusta.
    Hillityt värit - vaikuttava tunnelma...!
    Tervehtien Eko

  2. Outstanding use of watercolor. The gorgeous, violet blue of the shadows makes the whole painting sing.

  3. I'm not an art critic but I think this is just beautiful, and that's what counts, the feeling a painting gives you. Bravissima! Happy New Year from Rome!

  4. This is such an intriguing painting. Just great.


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